Darting Dave
Dave Reeve, originally from Nottingham, England and now residing in South Florida, longed for the car of his dreams, a Daimler Dart. Dave felt it had to be a very special sports car, one that was completely new for British manufacturer Daimler of Coventry. It was originally introduced at the 1959 New York Motor Show and billed as the fastest car Daimler had ever produced. Eventually the name Dart had to be dropped because of Dodge copy rights, and the car became officially known as the SP250. The first, 1959 and 1960 Spec A series, had its share of problems spawning upgraded B and C models in 1961 to 1964. It was in 1960 when the Daimler company was taken over by Jaguar. The fiberglass body covered the main attraction of this distinctive ride; a beautifully designed 150 cubic inch, V-8 Hemi engine producing 140 horsepower. The SP 250 endured with more than 2600 built during the 5 year run. There are 600-700 known in the world today and about 30 in North America.


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Dave set his sights on satisfying his desire to own and restore a Daimler. After searching for almost a year he located one in Ontario, Canada. It was in good condition. The doors needed a great deal of repair, the engine had to be overhauled and the paint and body required attention, but he followed through and purchased it; a 1960 SP 250 Spec-A. He labored incessantly refurbishing all components of the car himself, but relied upon the experts at Fabulous Restorations to handle the paint and fiberglass body work. To a high degree of approval, the Fabulous Restorations Team delivered a flawless job that Dave has been very proud to confirm. He shows the SP 250 in events throughout South and Central Florida and always walks away with awards for unique, significant foreign car. Over the past year he chased more shows, often driving the car himself to each event; one in particular, The Ursuline College Car Show in Cleveland, Ohio, a trip that took him 5 days originating in Fort Lauderdale and traveling the back roads to the "North Coast". Dave attended this show with The North American Daimler and Lanchester Owner's Club. There were 6 Daimlers in rivalry and Dave won awards for Best Daimler, Best In Class and Furthest Driven. Two months later he entered the car in The Festival Car Show, Pompano Beach, Florida and grabbed Best Foreign Car honor. Recently, Dave pulled off a 3800 mile jaunt in his SP 250 to enter The British Invasion Car Show in Stow, Vermont where he took Best In Class out of 5 Daimlers entered. The return to his home took 1 and 3/4 days, pushing a little more than 1000 miles a day. Any car collector has to agree the Daimler SP 250 is very rare and rewarding to drive. Now you gotta love this guy, right? Dave Reeve, a real man on a mission ... accomplished!